Over 1 million of Elon Musk’s Tesla cars recalled over dangerous ‘safety issue’

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Tesla has been ordered to recall more than one million of its electric vehicles after the US highway safety watchdog (NHTSA) identified a safety issue with the cars' windows.

The windows' 'obstruction recognition' system, which is used to detect objects that get caught (like passengers' fingers) is reportedly experiencing a bug.

The watchdog claims this could lead to injury. However, Tesla has said it isn't aware of any warranty claims, crashes, injuries, deaths or field reports related to the issue.

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The latest Model S and Model X cars from 2021-22 are said to be affected, as well as Model Y cars from 2020/21 and Model 3 cars from 2017-22.

NHTSA said that closing the window could 'pinch' a driver or passenger and increase the risk of injury, and that the vehicles don't comply with government safety standards on windows.

The company has said it will try to fix the issue using a downloadable software update after detecting that the vehicles 'pinch detection and retraction' performance wasn't up to standards.

Tesla added that from this month, vehicles in production and pre-production received a software update to solve the issue for good.

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The 'recall' comes ahead of Tesla's annual AI Day event, where Elon Musk is set to reveal the prototype of the humanoid Optimus robot.

Tesla eventually wants to produce thousands of these robots for use in its factories, before expanding them into people's homes.

Last year, the initial announcement of the Optimus bot was widely criticised as Musk only showed off a human in a robot suit, rather than an actual machine.

Doubts about the Optimus robot are compounded by the fact that Elon Musk has a track record of overpromising and under-delivering, such as with full self-driving software which still requires human supervision despite his promises.


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