Inside the ‘Hilton Space Station’ with luxury suites, amazing views, and cookies

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If you thought a regular Hilton hotel was expensive, think again.

The luxury hotel chain has announced it will be designing the rooms, suites and lounge areas of Starlab, the upcoming replacement for the International Space Station.

Hilton will help design the interior of the private space station, which is due to be launched into low-Earth orbit by 2027.

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That means astronauts will get to snooze in the lap of luxury while hurtling at 17,000mph around the Earth, while the rest of us have to put up with manky mattresses and rip-off rents.

Hilton has previously worked with NASA to bake double chocolate chip cookies in space, so there may even be cookies up there.

A spokesperson for the hotel chain reportedly said that it hopes it can "reimagine the human experience in space, making extended stays more comfortable."

Built by a private company called Voyager Space, Starlab promises to offer the same research capability at the ISS, but at a much lower cost by working with multiple partners as well as NASA. They claim this will "enable NASA to invest further in missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond."

Dylan Taylor, CEO of Voyage Space, said: "Starlab will be more than just a destination, it will be an experience made infinitely more unique and artful with the Hilton team's infusion of innovation, expertise, and global reach."

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Starlab will have a continuous crew of four astronauts, and feature a state-of-the-art laboratory to help them study biology, plant habitation, physical science, and even have an open workbench.

It's unclear exactly what Hilton plans to do with the Starlab interior currently, especially given the restrictions of sleeping in zero gravity.

If it's anything like the Grand Wailea, a luxury Hilton resort in Hawaii, it would likely have an infinity pool, fireplaces, and a 40-acre tropical garden. However, both of those things can't really exist in space, so the final product might be a little underwhelming.


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