OnePlus 8 will sport two features it swore it would never include

If you’ve been following OnePlus launches for the last few years, you’ll know what a big deal the latter really is. The Shenzhen-based company has included water resistance to its smartphones since the OnePlus 6, which launched back in May 2018.

However, it has never had its smartphones officially certified with an IP rating. Instead, the company has released YouTube videos showing its handsets being violently dunked into buckets of water, or it has described what sort of level of abuse users could expect their smartphone to endure. 

OnePlus says the cost of obtaining an official IP certification seemed like an unnecessary expense and that it could simply pass on the money it saved by performing its own tests to customers with a more affordable price tag.

But with almost every other flagship smartphone sporting an IP rating for water and dust resistance, the lack of certification could be counting against OnePlus. Especially as its price steadily rise to compete with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10e, iPhone Xr, and iPhone 11 from Apple and Samsung.

If you’re picking between one of these rival devices and the OnePlus 7 Pro in your local phone shop, the lack of an industry-standard certification could count against the OnePlus.

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Prolific tipster Max J believes that OnePlus will certify its next-generation smartphone, OnePlus 8. One of the benefits of an official IP rating is that water and dust damage will now come under warranty… something that wasn’t true for the self-certified-bucket-of-water-tested OnePlus 7.

Whether OnePlus decides to pass on the price of the test – as it has always threatened that it would have to do – to customers remains to be seen.

Leaked renders which claim to reveal the design of the new OnePlus 8 series unmask a cut-out in the display for the front-facing camera. This will replace the mechanised pop-up drawer for the selfie camera found on the previous flagship smartphone. As such, you won’t have to listen to the whirring motor as the lens emerges from the body of the handset like a periscope.

Although it was pretty fast – OnePlus maintains the whole process takes 0.5 seconds – it still made the company’s brilliantly fast facial recognition unlock feature a little slower. It also made sneaky selfies a no-go. OnePlus 8 is rumoured to have dual-curved edges like its predecessor. A 6.6-inch OLED panel with a 120HZ high refresh rate will be included. This is a step-up on the 90Hz high refresh rate panel found on the OnePlus 7 Pro.


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A quad-camera with a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor to better judge distances for bokeh-boasting Portrait Mode photos and improve Augmented Reality (AR) games and apps is also expected to round-out the usual wide-angle, ultra-wide, and telephoto set-up.

While OnePlus typically holds its first hardware showcase of the year in May or June, reliable tipster Ishan Agarwal recently claimed the OnePlus 8 smartphone series could launch as early as “late March or April”.

If that’s true, you might not have long to wait before you can wireless charge your shiny new OnePlus – before tossing it into the bath, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected by an industry-recognised certification.

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