Netflix's new feature gets rid of an annoying problem

Tired of being constantly reminded of TV shows and movies you gave up on every time you open Netflix?

A new feature will finally let you edit your ‘Continue Watching’ queue on the home page.

Netflix just added the option for users to delete titles from their ‘Continue Watching’ list. 

You can now delete all those half-finished shows and movies from your homepage.

The new feature will be available on computers, TVs, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices with the latest version of the Netflix app.

How to remove shows from the ‘Continue Watching’ queue?

To remove a show on your computer, you just need to place your cursor over a title in the ‘Continue Watching’ row and select ‘Remove From Row’.

On your TV, go to the details page of a TV show or movie in the Continue Watching row and select ‘Remove from Continue Watching’.

A button to “remove from continue watching” has just appeared on my Netflix, and I swear my life is changed forever.

Clicking a second time will quickly undo the removal in case you change your mind.

While this seems like a minor update to Netflix’s UI that hasn’t changed much in the last few years, it could enhance the viewing experience for a lot of users since the ‘Continue Watching’ list is the first thing you notice on the homepage when you log in.

Before this update, half-finished shows or movies would only disappear from the ‘Continue Watching’ row when they were replaced by other, half-finished shows or movies. 

The new feature hasn’t been rolled out to all of Netflix’s users just yet. So, if you can’t see the new option, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer. 

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