Netflix: Why does Netflix ask: ‘Are you still watching?’ Can you turn it off?

When Netflix suspects users may no longer be watching, the streaming site asks “Are you still watching?” This prompt blocks playback until Netflix users confirm they really are binge-watching Breaking Bad.

This controversial prompt is considered helpful by some as it prevents an entire season playing while you slumber in front of your laptop.

But on numerous other occasions, the Netflix prompt can be an annoyance.

Although some users believe the prompt benefits the service’s customers, others suspect it actually helps Netflix save bandwidth.

This is because the questions can prevent playback until customers hit the continue button.


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Can you deactivate Netflix “Are you still watching?”

Netflix does not offer any options to disable the “Are you still watching?” prompts in the service’s settings.

It is, however, still possible to bypass them using browser extensions.

This works only if you use a web browser like Chrome or Firefox to watch Netflix.

Those who use an unsupported web browser, a smart TV, or streaming device, are out of luck at the moment.

Netflix Pause Removal for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome handles Netflix’s continue playing prompts.

This Netflix extension requires permission to access data on but there no other permissions besides that.

Simply install the Netflix extension and proceed from there.

Fortunately, there exists a simple application for those who do not want to have to click the “Continue Watching” button in Netflix.


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This will remove the UI Permanently, meaning users can continue their Netflix binge session.

The browser extension removes the “Are you still watching?” prompt permanently from Netflix.

This is as long as they have installed this extension in their browser.

This extension should only be installed by Netflix users who find the prompts annoying and a nuisance.

The majority who find these sometimes useful may not want to install the extension.

They will subsequently need to disable the extension each time they wish Netflix to offer the prompts.

Google Chrome and also Firefox is home to dozens of extensions for Netflix.

These extensions can improve many Netflix services.

The Netflix Assist extension for Chrome skips the next episode countdown for instance.

And other services may block spoilers on Netflix.

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