Netflix issues urgent warning to users over new scam

Netflix customers in Ireland are being targeted with a phishing attack in an attempt to hack their accounts.

The streaming giant has put out a warning to try and avoid other users falling victim to the same scam.

It has told its customers to be vigilant and remember that Netflix will never ask for any personal information by email.

‘Phishing scams are, unfortunately, very common and often exploit well-known brands,’ a spokesperson for Netflix told the Irish Sun.

The statement continued:

‘Internet users should always be cautious when they receive an email request any personal information or credit card details. Phishing is an attempt to acquire your personal information by pretending to represent a website or company you trust online.

‘Phishers will go to great lengths to try to hijack your account or steal your personal information. They may create fake websites that look like Netflix, or send official-looking (but fake) emails asking you for personal information.

‘Netflix will never ask for any personal information in an email. This includes: Payment information (credit card number, debit card number, direct debit account, PIN, etc.), Social security number or tax identification number and your account password.

‘Be careful if you receive an email message asking your for this or any other personal information. If you’re unsure about a link in an email, you can always hover over the link to see where it goes (you’ll see the real, linked web address at the bottom of most browsers. If you’re still not 100% sure that the website you’re on is the real Netflix site, you can always type directly into your web browser.’

The customers targeted by the phishing scam reportedly received an email saying that an error had been detected in their account.

The email reads: ‘Dear customer, during the regular maintenance and verification processes, we have detected an error in your account. If your account information is not updated within 24 hours, your ability to access your account will be restricted.’

It would then provide a link to a fake page that would prompt the customer into giving up their information.

While a stolen Netflix account may not be inherently valuable on its own, the information contained within could be used by cybercriminals. They could either exploit account information to steal money, or just sell the credentials onwards on the dark web.

If you’re a Netflix user, whether in Ireland or the UK, it’s important to be particularly vigilant at the moment.

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