Millions of BT users hit by shock price rise, here’s what you will pay

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If your broadband is supplied by BT there’s very bad news coming to your monthly bill. The UK’s biggest Internet Service Provider (ISP), has just announced its yearly price hikes and it’s one of the biggest rises ever seen. BT always uses the current Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate to adjust its pricing and with CPI currently at over 10 percent it’s leaving homes facing much bigger broadband bills.

In fact, by the time BT has then added its own 3.9 percent increase on top, most UK users will see their bills go up by a record-breaking 14.4 percent.

That’s a massive hike and will leave those with a £60 bill facing an extra £8.64 per month or over £100 a year.

BT has confirmed that the majority of its users will face the increase although around three million homes won’t be affected.

Explaining more, BT said: “We are freezing the price of line rental, call packages, call charges and call add-ons for our landline-only customers – those who do not have fixed broadband with us or with another provider. In addition, our BT Home Essentials, EE Mobile Basics, Pay-As-You-Go, BT Basic and Home Phone Saver customers will see their prices frozen through 2023 as part of our commitment to support those who need it most.”

If you’re not one of those lucky ones then the price rise will come into force from March 31st 2023.

BT says that despite the massive rises, its broadband remains good value for money.

Speaking about the the upcoming changes, Nick Lane, MD Customer Services, BT Consumer said: “For those customers who will be affected by the price change it’s important to put our price change in context. Telecommunications as a sector provides incredible value for money when you think that our customers are using as much as 50 per cent more data every single year. In fact, customers in the UK are some of the highest data users in Europe. At the same time, the cost of their combined fixed and mobile services are among the lowest in the region.

“We are also a small proportion of household spend every month – recent research says this is around 3.8%. And, with everything else on the rise, that small proportion is in fact decreasing: the average household spend on telecoms services has fallen by 19% compared with what it was five years ago.”

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