Luxury Porsche gaming chair almost costs the same ‘as a second-hand sports car’

They say that some people have more money than sense—or at least, that's what the design boffs at Porsche are hoping for.

The luxury German car maker has just unveiled an outrageously pricey gaming chair in collaboration with car seat manufacturer RECARO.

Priced at roughly £2000 ($2499), the RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair is inspired by Porsche's sports cars and come complete with the company's iconic horse crest.

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The chair promises great lumbar support for 'long days of gaming' and can hold weights of up to 150kg, making it perfect for both wealthy and heavy-set gamers.

There's only 911 units of the seat being made, which adds an air of exclusivity to what is essentially a glorified office chair.

Porsche describes the chair as having 'top performance' and 'full back support', calling it a 'true design piece and work of art'.

On its website, the company said: "The integrated anti-submarining seat ramp and the firm lumbar support [ensure] a relaxed posture and relief for the back, even on long days of gaming or working at home."

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If you're so inclined, you can preorder the seat now on Porsche's website, although it's not yet clear whether the gaming chairs are limited to the US only.

They'll be made available on the 15th March 2023, so if you get your order in now, you could be sitting in the gaming seat of luxury before you know it.

Jokes aside, 10 million people in the UK suffer from back pain and using a computer with the correct posture and setup is very important.

You need to ensure the monitor is at eye level and that you have a separate mouse and keyboard so you're not craning your neck or risking RSI in your wrists.

However, you don't need to blow two grand on a chair to get there. Your best bet is to speak to a physiotherapist about how to arrange the best setup for your spine.


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