Lion burgers and zebra sushi coming to a table near you – fresh from the lab

Bored of the Big Mac? You're in luck, as you'll soon have the chance to chow down on Simba and all of his friends thanks to high-tech lab-grown meat.

Food technology startup Primeval Foods has announced plans to sell exotic animal meat grown entirely in laboratories, giving people a taste of the savannah without any cruelty involved.

They plan to release a range of 'cultivated' lion burgers, zebra sushi, cured giraffe ham, and "elephant oil" to the general public, with a tasting event set to take place in London in the near future. Whether people will be ready to swallow lion is a different matter.

Yilmaz Bora, one of the bosses at Primeval Foods, says he hopes exotic meats will open people up to the idea of more typical lab-grown chicken and beef.

Yilmaz said: “People are constantly seeking to discover new foods, new restaurants, new culinary experiences, but the traditional species have reached their limitation on meeting this demand.

“It has to go beyond the current beef, chicken, and pork dishes, and it has to come without the expense of nature

“In the coming months, we are planning to have a tasting event in London with one of our cultivated exotic meats, to give the world a taste of what the next chapter of food would look like.”

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Lab-grown meat works by taking a small number of cells from an animal or embryo and 'growing' it in a vat to form the kind of proteins you get from meat.

According to a study by the Good Food Institute, cultivated meat produced with renewable energy can cut the impact of beef on the environment by up to 92 percent.

It can also significantly reduce the amount of land required to produce food, as well as enable people to eat animal products without harming living beings.

However, if consumers aren't interested in trying the new Frankenfoods, all this innovation might be for nothing.

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