LG wants you to ditch your 4K TV for something totally new …just don’t look at the price

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While modern flatscreen TVs provide brilliant picture quality, a solid selection of streaming apps out-of-box, and a svelte design that can easily be wall-mounted …there is still one major disadvantage to these panels. It takes up a lot of space, whether you’re watching or not. When switched off, these black mirrors take up a good chunk of space in your room. To combat this, Samsung has created televisions in its The Frame range that transform into artwork when not in use. Meanwhile, LG has a different approach – and it’s available to pre-order now.

The company has unveiled its new HU715Q Ultra Short Throw laser projectors, which aims to solve the biggest headache with flatscreens as they can be packed away when you’re done with your Netflix binge. Of course, there are usually disadvantages with projectors too – you need to mount the projector to the ceiling or create space at the back of the room with a clear line of sight to the screen or wall. The HU715Q Ultra Short Throw laser projector solves this headache as it can be rested on the same piece of furniture you’d use for a television.


With screen sizes from 80- to 100-inches available, the HU715Q Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector is a flexible replacement for your 4K Smart TV. It also comes with a built-in 20W speaker and support for 4K and HDR picture quality

Pre-Order Projector, Starts To Ship March 18, 2022

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