Latest Echo Dot smart speaker drops to record low price ahead of Prime Day

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Amazon Alexa fans can pick up the latest version of the Echo Dot for an incredible price. If you’re after the best Echo Dot deals then you need to know about a great offer on the fourth-gen model which is usually priced at £49.99. If you’re happy getting a refurbished model, and you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you can pick up this spherical smart speaker for just £15.99.

Compared to a brand new fourth-gen Echo Dot, this offers a £34 saving on its typical RRP.

While the deal also offers a £29 saving on the typical price of a refurbished fourth-gen Echo Dot.

If you’re worried about getting a refurbished product instead of a brand new one you needn’t be.

All Amazon refurbished products go through a full diagnostic test to make sure they are in tip-top shape.

These products also have a thorough clean and inspection, with any defective parts identified in testing replaced and any lingering data from the previous owner securely wiped.

Plus, you will also get a one-year guarantee to give you added peace of mind.

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If caring for the environment is a cause that is close to your heart then refurbished products are a great option.

Refurbished products are greener than a brand new device, as all the energy needed to obtain the raw materials for the product as well as any energy that would have been expended making the product has already happened.

Plus, by renewing and repairing an old gadget means you’re saving it from going to landfill.

The fourth-gen Echo Dot is a product made with the environment in mind, with the Alexa-powered speaker featuring plenty of recycled materials.

The latest Echo Dot is made of 100 percent recycled aluminium, 100 percent recycled fabric and 50 percent recycled plastic.

While clean energy was also used to make the gadget and 98 percent wood fibre-based materials from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources were used for the packaging.

The fourth-gen Echo Dot, which boasts a distinct spherical design compared to the previous model’s disc shape, also has a low power mode to help with energy consumption.

If you’re thinking of picking up this deal, which is exclusively available for Prime customers, you may want to take advantage of other offers being run ahead of Prime Day 2022.

Amazon is also currently offering four months’ worth of Music Unlimited access if you’re a Prime member (or three months if you’re not) for free as well as three months of Audible free access for Prime subscribers.

These add-ons are ideal for Echo users, as your Echo Dot can be used to play tracks from the 90million strong Music Unlimited library or to play one of the best-selling audiobooks available with Audible.

If you’re not already with Prime and any of these deals appeal to you then you can sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial.

Not only will this give you access to the millions of discounts that will be available during Prime Day 2022 but you will also get access to Prime perks such as the Prime Video library, Amazon Music, Prime Reading, speedy Prime delivery and Prime Gaming.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) + Music Unlimited for 6-months (worth £59.94)

This early Prime Day promotion will give you access to a library of over 90 million songs for free. You’ll also get hand-curated playlists from the teams at Music Unlimited and will be able to listen on dozens of devices, including your phone and your new Echo Dot. The promotion has been launched ahead of Prime Day 2022 and runs out on July 14

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Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) + Music Unlimited for 6-months (worth £59.94)

And if you want the latest Echo Dot design, with its trademark rounded shape and better audio performance, Amazon has unleashed the same free Music Unlimited deal. Like above, the deal is to celebrate the arrival of Prime Day and won’t be around for long

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