Korean cops to stop crime with ‘dystopian’ Iron Man police armour and robot dogs

South Korea's national police force is gearing up for some seriously dystopian crimebusting using 'Iron Man' police armour and weaponised robot dogs.

The country's police force has outlined a plan for using robots, AI and even metaverse technologies to keep the population under control.

The Police Future Vision 2050 proposal suggests 14 projects to help law enforcement adapt to crime in the future and move away from policing based on 'manpower'.

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This includes an 'Iron Man Police' project that gives officers tough wearable robotic armour to give them superhuman strength, with the technology set to be developed by 2027.

The Iron Man armour would even include an AI assistant to advise police on threats and appropriate courses of action.

Police dogs could also be out of a job as the force wants to use weaponised autonomous robot dogs like those from Boston Dynamics to accompany bobbies on the beat.

The Korea Herald reports that the Korean police force wants to add self-driving police cars and flying vehicles from 2027 and even patrol the metaverse for crime using an 'AI metapolice'.

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The use of AI and advanced technologies is becoming an increasing area of interest for law enforcement agencies.

Researchers at the University of Chicago claim to have pioneered a new tool which can spot crime with up to 90% accuracy and provide automated checks on biased policing or excessive use of force, particularly in poorer areas.

Meanwhile, a Chinese organisation claims to have created a new AI system which could spot crimes before they happen by gathering vast amounts of surveillance data on citizens.


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