iPhone 14 to get incredible new camera upgrade – but fans say it’s a ‘rip off’

The iPhone 13 has barely been out for three months but it looks like Apple are already gearing up for another blockbuster phone release this September.

While Apple fans were a little bit disappointed by the 'incremental' changes introduced to the latest iPhone, they could have cause to celebrate with the iPhone 14.

New leaks from Apple insiders claim that the new phone will get some much-needed new features, including an amazing 48 megapixel camera and even the removal of the hated camera 'notch'.

However, all these improvements may come at a steep cost as Apple are slated to up the price of the iPhone even higher than it already is.

According to TrendForce, the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro is rumoured to receive a major camera upgrade, bumping up the resolution of the rear camera lens to 48 megapixels.

This would make it possible for the iPhone to shoot video in 8K, as well as have even better zoom capabilities.

This claim has been supported by a number of different independent sources, who also claim that the new phone will drop the 'notch' in favour of a 'punch hole' camera like on a Samsung.

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However, there's a price to pay, as Apple will allegedly mark up the iPhones beyond their already-steep cost, leading fans on Twitter to call it a 'ripoff'.

The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, i.e. the top-end phones in Apple's range, are tipped for a big price hike.

According to LeaksApplePro, they're set for a £100 price increase, with the Pro model launching at £1,099 and the Pro Max at £1,199.

For many people, spending over a thousand pounds on a phone every year is simply too much, unless of course you're an Apple diehard.

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