How to put mask on Bitmoji

The coronavirus pandemic remains a deadly threat around the world and currently face masks are one of the only forms of protection as a vaccine is still waiting to be found. Some quickly realised masks could become a stylish fashion statement, with some opting to make their own at home. But Snapchat earlier in the year took matters to the next level, with the option of adding masks to Bitmoji. Users of the popular social media platform now have a wide-range of funky and stylish face coverings they can easily add and adapt.

What is a Snapchat Bitmoji?

Think of Snapchat’s Bitmoji is your own personalised avatar to identify yourself on the social media site.

Bitmojis can be customised to accurately mirror facial features.

Your look can be updated, and your hair and outfit refined.

Users then have the ability to use the avatar to stickers and emotions which can then be sent to Snapchat friends.

To create a Bitmoji, simply download the Bitmoji app and add a link to a Snapchat account.

How to add a mask to a Snapchat Bitmoji:

The first step is to ensure the Snapchat app is updated to the latest version (v10.82.5.0).

Next, open the Snapchat app and click on your Bitmoji icon.

This can easily be found in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Next, scroll down the screen and tap Select Selfie.

Now simply select one of the Bitmoji selfies with a wearing mask.

Fifteen different masks are now available to add to a Bitmoji.

Designs range from flames to tiger print, camouflage and floral.

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The arrival of Bitmoji masks coincides with a bizarre new craze.

The latest social media trend finds users transforming the skin colour of their Bitmoji to bright green or purple.

Many believe boys are making their Bitmoji green, while girls are opting for purple.

However, it seems to have no real meaning and some suspect it simply a strange attempt to confuse other Snapchat users.

The app also recent launched Cameos Stickers.

This is a new feature allowing users to decorate snaps with animated stickers of their face.

One of the Snapchat’s most popular features, Cameos has been described as a ‘friendlier deepfake’.

This is because it allows users to insert their face directly into animated GIFs.

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