Here's What Makes Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera So Good

Apple‘s flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max is a monster of a phone, offering a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display alongside its head-turning trifecta of camera lenses.

Today, iFixit has decided to explore just what makes the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera so special. Asides from it being huge, the unit packs functions such as Night Mode with wide and ultra-wide camera styles, which makes low-light shots even more fun to take with a result being better than ever before. LiDAR technology makes for better night-time portraits thanks to six-times-faster autofocus, while the wide camera angle allows for 27 percent more light to come in, providing more detail and a sharper end product regardless of it being day or night.

Its host of new features and impressive credentials comes down to the primary wide-angle sensor that, as iFixit says, “dwarfs the iPhone 12’s sensor” as it is about 47-percent larger. And despite it also delivering 12 MP in resolution, it comes with a sensor-shift image stabilization system that’s commonly found in DSLR cameras, making for all-around better images.

With this, however, comes added bulk. To understand what exactly makes up the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s size, iFixit has taken the model apart to show the inner workings of the camera and more. Watch iFixit’s video above for more information on the camera, as well as details about the rest of its inners.

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