Google Meet has a clever new trick to ensure bad Wi-Fi doesn’t interrupt your next call

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Have you ever started an important call on Google Meet only to realise something has gone awry with your video or audio and nobody can hear you? These kind of technical gremlins can cause all kinds of headaches and really disrupt a meeting, catch-up with friends, or even quiz round with family! Thankfully, Google is rolling out a new feature to its video call Google Meet service to save you from having to deal with any gremlins mid-way through a call.

This new feature will let Google Meet users check their device is properly configured, that the Wi-Fi signal is up to scratch where they’re sitting, and more before entering the call. It’s an extension on an existing feature that lets you check the view from your webcam before throwing yourself into a meeting – so you can make sure nothing embarrassing is lurking in your background, or that your hair isn’t a complete mess.

Likewise, this handy new tool will also give Google Meet users one last chance to double-check their connection will be strong enough for high-definition video and audio during the call.

Google Meet introduces new noise cancellation feature

The handy new Google Meet feature was revealed in a recent Workspace Update. In a blog post about the update, Google said: “We’re making it possible to quickly preview how you’ll appear to others before entering a Google Meet video call.

“You can use this new functionality to confirm that peripheral devices are properly configured and corrected, to check that your network connectivity is good, and to understand the impact of noise cancellation on your audio (if it’s available to your account).”

To take advantage of this feature, before joining a meeting Google Meet users will get the option to check their audio and video.

Clicking on this button will send Google Meet users to the quirkily named ‘green room’.

This isn’t as glamorous as a real-life green room, which is used for performers in the theatre and for stage shows in between performances. But it is just as handy.

In this area Google Meet users can preview their audio, visuals and just in general make sure everything is up to scratch.

Easy to miss issues that this could fix includes having a monitor accidentally muted, poor sound quality from an internal microphone or having any extra devices hooked up that play havoc with audio quality.

The ‘green room’ feature is getting a gradual rollout in Google Meet and should be available to users over the next two weeks. Once the features become available for you you won’t need to tweak with any admin settings.

You will just get the green room option before you head into a call.

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