GoMo raises fee to €13 for new users

The budget mobile phone operator GoMo has raised its fee for new customers to €13 per month.

The low-cost operation, which is part of Eir and uses Eir’s mobile network, says that its new sign-up offer will last until the end of February, when it might raise its prices again for those who join up after that.

Eir says that it has reached its GoMo customer target of 100,000 people based on the €10 offer, having launched the service last October.

The GoMo package includes 80GB of data, among the highest on the Irish market. It also includes all calls and texts and 10GB of roaming data within the EU.

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However, the service cannot be bought or accessed via physical shops, including Eir stores. This means that customer service is primarily reserved for online channels. Some GoMo customers have experienced difficulties in switching numbers from other operators.

A spokesman for the company put this down to high demand and teething problems, saying that the issues had mostly been resolved.

Despite being a different brand with a stand-alone billing system, GoMo is a division of Eir instead of being set up as a ‘virtual operator’ in regulatory terms.

This means that GoMo’s customer numbers are likely to be reported as part of the group’s overall figures, making verification of the 100,000 figure a little less straightforward.

Eir has promised that any customers who signed up to the initial €10 monthly tariff will get to stay on that rate “for life”.

The firm has not said when, or if, GoMo will benefit from Eir Mobile’s 5G network.

Last month, Ireland’s telecoms regulator, ComReg, issued a warning to the budget mobile operator after receiving “a large number” of customer calls about the service.

ComReg said that the service had frustrated unsatisfied customers by not including a phone number for complaints and customer service.

This was against ComReg’s rules, the watchdog said.

GoMo’s 80GB is more than Three’s ‘all you can eat’ limit of 60GB, which costs from €30 per month. It is the same data limit as pricier Eir Mobile services.

However, the new virtual operator will have no stores, nor will it be supported by Eir’s current customer service.

It will all be managed separately online, with little or no phone support.

Eir says that there are no restrictions on using the service as a cut-price broadband hotspot. However, after the 80GB monthly data limit is reached, the data speeds will slow down.

There is also a one-off €10 connection charge when purchasing a GoMo Sim card.

The service promises average top speeds on 4G of 10Mbs, although Eir says there is no difference between speeds on Eir and GoMo. Recently, Ireland’s telecoms regulator released test results showing an average speed of 26Mbs on Eir’s 4G network, ahead of Three (21Mbs) but behind Vodafone (32Mbs).

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