E-bikes will outstrip electric cars six to one, says Deloitte

A million work robots will be sold this year, Deloitte claims, with 130 million e-bikes bought in the next three years.

In its annual TMT Predictions report, the consultancy firm also claims that the global podcasting market will increase by 30pc from 2019, to reach just under €1bn in 2020.

Meanwhile, its executives think that the ‘smartphone multiplier market’ for hardware, content and services will drive €412bn of revenue in 2020 and will then grow between 5-10pc annually through 2023. Deloitte classifies hardware, content and services as “selfie sticks, ringtones and mobile apps”.

“Deloitte research shows that 91pc of Irish people own a smartphone,” said Daryl Hanberry, head of technology, media and telecommunications at Deloitte Ireland.

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“However, while ownership rates may be approaching a ceiling, the smartphone economy is just getting started, and it is an industry brimming with potential. From earbuds to mobile apps or business storage, we see the multiplier market across hardware, content and services to be a large revenue driver in 2020.”

Elsewhere, the company thinks ‘industrial 5G’ will lead to productivity gains, predicting that more than 100 companies will begin testing private 5G deployments in industrial environments such as factories, ports and logistics centres by the end of 2020.

“5G is poised to be the most disruptive mobile technology since the mobile phone itself,” said Mr Hanberry. “The way we work fundamentally changed with the launch of 4G and Wi-Fi. 5G will bring a similar transformation to the connectivity of machines and devices, delivering a boost to productivity in factories and warehouses, in particular.”

On its prediction of 130 million e-bikes, Deloitte claims that this is more than six times the number of electric vehicles forecast to be sold in the next decade.

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