Get the Galaxy S22 Ultra today, and secure your upgrade to the next Samsung phone

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the latest all-singing, all-dancing handset from Samsung. Announced at the start of the month, the Galaxy S22 Ultra arrives with an expansive 6.8-inch QHD+ touchscreen, a quad-camera with a 100x zoom, and the return of the S Pen. This clever stylus – previously the trademark of the Galaxy Note series – is now included inside the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Like the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a small compartment to house and recharge the stylus. The S Pen can be used to annotate documents, draw and doodle, make handwritten notes, and more. Samsung has worked hard to reduce the latency of the S Pen to ensure that it feels closer to a real pen on paper.

Galaxy S22 Ultra (Galaxy Buds Pro, Disney+, Free Case)

Secure the brilliant pre-order deals available from Samsung right now and get your hands on the all-singing, all-dancing Galaxy S22 Ultra for a low monthly cost. You’ll get a one-year subscription to Disney+, a pair of Galaxy Buds Pro worth £219 – and exclusively with the Samsung Upgrade Programme – a free case. Buying direct from Samsung means you can pick from three exclusive extra colours

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