FREE Amazon Echo deal is back as 15 new things to ask Alexa REVEALED

The free Echo deal is back and it now joins Amazon’s own offer of picking one of these smart speakers up tor just 99p.

BT broadband was offering a free Echo with its Superfast Fibre 2 broadband bundles last week and now the telecoms company has returned with an even better deal.

In fact, you can now choose between an Echo, Hive Smart Lights Pack or JBL Bar Studio sound bar worth up to £149.

Along with offering more devices in this latest sale, BT is also including the free gifts on extra bundles including its Superfast Fibre Essential, Superfast Fibre and Superfast Fibre 2.

Some of the deals also come with a Mastercard gift card worth up to £70 and all of BT’s broadband bundles now feature its Stay Fast Guarantee with the firm saying you’ll get the speeds they promise you or get £20 back.


It’s not just BT giving Echo fans the chance to get a bargain on this smart speaker as Amazon has launched its own offer.

The Echo Dot is currently available for just 99p when subscribing to Amazon Music’s Family Plan.

This subscription costs £14.99 per month but does allow up to six people to listen to music at the same time.

Amazon also boasts that there are over 50 million tracks available on its service which can all be streamed straight to devices including the Echo.


So, you are tempted by these latest offers or already have an Echo then here’s 15 new things to ask the Alexa smart assistant.

Alexa, will it rain today?”
To receive locally relevant weather forecasts, make sure to set up your location in your Alexa app, if you haven’t already. Go to Devices in the bottom right-hand corner > Echo & Alexa > select your Echo device > add your address under Position.

Alexa, give me some relaxation tips.”

Alexa, can you yodel?”

Alexa, quiz me on Game of Thrones.”

Alexa, learn my voice.”
Get your personalised experience for music, making calls, setting location-based reminders, and more, when Alexa recognises your voice. Set up your voice profile today.

Alexa, open Daily Horoscope.”

Alexa, why do bees die when they sting?”

Alexa, Simon says ‘touch your nose’.”

Alexa, open Pikachu Talk.”

Alexa, play the new song by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber.”

Alexa, open Ocean Sounds.”

Alexa, I am the watcher on the walls.”

Alexa, give me a fact about the ocean.”

Alexa, high five.”

Alexa, discover my devices.”
Connect compatible smart home devices, such as lights and plugs, to Alexa using Guided Discovery or Smart Home Skills.

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