Find out if you’ve ever been photographed on Google Maps with easy trick

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    From Spider-Man in a cowboy hat to randy roadside couples, Google Maps is an endless source of hilarity and fascination.

    Google's quest to document every road in the world through its Street View service has captured some bizarre and unusual moments as people go about their daily routines or get caught in the middle of something totally inappropriate.

    However, you might very well be one of the people pictured on Street View without even realising it, as Google regularly sends its Street View cars around towns and cities to capture new imagery.

    If you ever remember seeing one of these cars pass you by on a road, there's a good chance it snapped a picture of you, which means you could be visible on Google Maps.

    Street View cars are large, brightly branded Google vehicles with a mess of cameras on top of them.

    If you can remember where you saw the car, you just have to go on Google Maps, type in the street or address and then activate Street View to see if you're present.

    Your face will be blurred out due to privacy rules but you should be able to make yourself out. You just have to look at the date of the 'image capture' at the bottom of Street View. There should be a slider to let you view the street at different periods of time.

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    How to use Google Maps Street View

    1. It's very easy to use Street View and get a full 3D image of many roads or streets. Simply follow these steps:
    2. Open Google Maps using the app or website
    3. Type in a location address
    4. Now, either tap the thumbnail labelled 'Street View' or drag and drop the tiny yellow man icon onto the map.
    5. The map will highlight blue to show you which roads have street view photography.

    Roads which haven't been added to the Street View database often still have the odd photo, although it likely won't be panoramic.

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