FaceTime on Android: Can I FaceTime someone on an Android phone?

Video calls are proving an essential way to stay in touch with friends and family right now. Despite the gorgeous sunny weather outside, we’re all being confined to our homes due to the UK lockdown – meaning we’re all looking for new tech to help us stay in touch with our loved ones. Facetime is just one of those handy apps many are using right now – but is it for you?

Can I FaceTime someone on an Android phone?

FaceTime allows Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to make easy video calls to one another.

FaceTime video calls cannot be made from any Android devices.

However, there are several other options to make video calls – even to iPhone and Mac users.

There is no FaceTime on Android and this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

FaceTime is a proprietary standard and is simply unavailable outside the Apple ecosystem.

Fortunately, there are numerous video calling alternatives compatible with Android.


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The good news for Android users is there are some high quality video calling apps available on the platform.

These can be used to make video calls to people using other Android phones and even Apple iPhones.

The receivers are simply required to have the same app installed on their device.

Please note how searching the Google Play Store for FaceTime will find apps with “FaceTime” in their names

However, these are not official apps and do not support Apple FaceTime.

FaceTime alternatives available on Android:

Skype: Owned by Microsoft, Skype was one of the first video call apps to enjoy mainstream success.

Skype is available on platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is highly popular as it allows users to make video calls and even video conference with multiple people simultaneously.

There are dedicated Hangout apps for both Android and iOS and the service is also available to all desktop users via their web browser.

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Google Duo: Google Duo is only available for Android and iOS.

Google Duo only supports one-to-one video calls, but users can make them over Wi-Fi or cellular data connections.

Google’s service also offers a couple of neat features, including Knock Knock – allowing users to see the video of the person calling, even before the call is answered.

Users can also leave a video “voicemail” if someone is unable to answer a video call

Facebook Messenger: Users can also make video calls using Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook feature is available on almost every operating system.

Although there are dedicated Messenger apps for iOS and Android, Messenger can also be used on a desktop web browser to make video calls from Windows, Linux and macOS.

Viber: This is a feature-rich app which can be use for video calls and a variety of other purposes.

Viber has is used by millions around the world and is available for a variety of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

But remember, users need to ensure those they wish to call have the right app installed.

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