FaceTime games: How to play games over FaceTime with your friends

Although in-person interactions are number one, real-life can get in the way. When this happens, technology such as Apple’s video chat service FaceTime can play a crucial role in helping you keep in touch with friends and family. Users of the video chat service have now come up with ways of playing fun games over FaceTime.

Which games can be played over FaceTime?

Charades: This classic game can easily be played over FaceTime.

Simply select a famous person, place, or object and act it out without using any words.

Your partner is then charged with guessing what you have been acting out.

Would You Rather: This game involves using your imagination think of some good questions.

These can range from thought-provoking queries to the silly and even the surreal.

This game is a sure-fire way to spark both discussion and laughter via FaceTime.

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Pictionary: Similar to Charades, simply choose a person, place, or thing.

Grab a sheet of paper and something to write with, then attempt to draw it without saying a word, and see if your partner can guess what you have drawn.

Hangman: Start a game of Hangman by choosing a random word and draw a dash for each of its letters.

Have your partner guess a letter in the word and if correct, draw it in the blank.

If the letter is not in the word, begin drawing one part of the gallows.

Your partner can keep guessing until the entire gallows has been drawn.

Two Truths And A Lie: Tell your friend three things about yourself.

Two should be true, and one should be a lie. Have them guess which one is the lie.

Truth or Dare: Ask your friend if they want to receive a Truth or a Dare.

If a Truth is chosen, ask them a question, and they have to tell the truth in their answer but if a Dare is chosen, dare them to do something silly.


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Never Have I Ever: In this get-to-know-you game, each player puts two hands up where everyone can see.

One player starts and says “Never have I ever…”, finishing the sentence with something they have never done.

If the other players have done that, they have to put a finger down.

The first person with all fingers down, wins. Or, the last surviving person with a finger up, wins.

20 Questions: Think of a person, place, or thing and your partners can ask you up to 20 questions in order to gather information.

You can only answer “Yes” or “No.” See if they can guess what you’re thinking of before they run out of questions.

Read My Lips: Put yourself on mute in FaceTime, and choose a word or phrase to say to your partner.

Then see if they can guess what you’re saying just by reading your lips.

Battleships: You do not actually require the board game to play this with a friend.

Simply create a Battleship board with the same letters and numbers on your grid.

Without your partner seeing, place three ships on the grid. Then, take turns trying to hit and sink each other’s ships.

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