Facebook’s top secret Metaverse headset unveiled after being left in hotel room

Meta's $10bn (£8.5bn) metaverse headset has finally been revealed—after someone left it in a hotel room.

A Facebook video shared by one Ramiro Cardenas reportedly shows the Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset, which he claims was left forgotten in a hotel room.

The headset has three external cameras and futuristic-looking controllers, which will all play a key role in how people use the metaverse in future.

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The video shows the box with a 'Meta Quest Pro' label in its top left corner as well as a sticker which says 'not for resale—engineering sample', which suggests it was accidentally left behind by someone connected to Meta.

According to the Verge, the person who stayed in the room has now claimed the headsets back.

The leaked headset has appeared one month before Meta hosts its Connect event, which is when Mark Zuckerberg will announce its new VR headset for use in the metaverse.

Meta, formerly Facebook, has spent around $10bn (£8.5bn) on its 'metaverse' projects so far.

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Mark Zuckerberg's company has more or less bet its entire future on the metaverse becoming popular.

However, Meta's offerings so far, such as Horizon Worlds, have been mocked for their cartoonish graphics.

Last month, Zuckerberg shared a screenshot of himself in Horizon Worlds as he announced it would soon be available in France and Spain.

Reacting to the image, Twitter user Stefan Mohamed said: "Can't really explain why but I love how s**t the Metaverse looks. Every screenshot and clip brings me genuine joy. Billions and billions poured into it and this is the result. The Sims but worse, and with nothing below the torso. Wonderful stuff."


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