Elon Musk’s odd claim he’s ‘peeling back first layer of the corruption onion’

Elon Musk has launched a coded Twitter attack against the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which is currently investigating Tesla.

The tech billionaire, 50, took to his social media profile to make reference to a claim his lawyers had made stating that the SEC had leaked info from the federal investigation.

Elon wrote: "This is just peeling back the first layer of the corruption onion. Stay tuned."

The SpaceX founder has been battling the SEC for a number of years and tensions remain fraught.

In their latest court battle, Elon Musk's attorney Alex Spiro has accused the SEC of harassing Musk and Tesla.

However, the Washington Post has reported that the SEC has slapped back, writing in a letter: "The commission's enforcement staff have… sought to meet and confer with counsel for Tesla and Mr. Musk to address any concerns regarding Tesla and Mr. Musk's compliance."

The billionaire business mogul recently asked for "a cookie" after claiming he paid the most tax in history for an individual last year.

Musk, whose controversial and frequent internet presence draws a flurry of supporters and detractors, used his response to claim he would "visit IRS" to pick up his cookie.

  • Elon Musk demands 'a cookie' as he brags about paying 'the most taxes ever in history'

A video of Senator Elizabeth Warren made the rounds on the social media platform, where the American politician claimed Musk paid absolutely nothing in taxes.

The clip was retweeted by Sawyer Merritt, founder of sustainable clothing brand Twin Birch, where Musk replied to Merritt's claim that "Elon will be paying the single largest tax bill of any individual in history ($11 billion)."

Musk took the opportunity to reply to the business owner, saying: "Will visit IRS next time I'm in DC just to say hi, since I paid the most taxes ever in history for an individual last year.

"Maybe I can have a cookie or something…"

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