Elon Musk announces ‘encrypted messages’ on Twitter – ‘but don’t trust it’

Elon Musk has announced an "encrypted direct messages" feature for Twitter but has warned social media users should not trust it just yet.

The SpaceX, Tesla and Twitter CEO told users to simply "try it" before swiftly torpedoing the trust of encryption in the very same announcement.

Despite his request for social media users to give the encrypted messages a whirl, he has warned people should not trust it, in a brief tweet announcing the new feature.

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But plenty of tweets replying to the announcement were keen to mock the new option for end-to-end encrypted messages, with a number of users pointing out a fatal flaw.

That flaw would be the lack of trust in a system just launched and dependent on trust between the encrypted data within.

Musk tweeted: "Early version of encrypted direct messages just launched. Try it, but don't trust it yet."

Plenty of users brought in explainer artificial intelligence to summarise the tweet, with one reading: "It's like telling me to taste the soup but warning me not to swallow it yet."

Reactions to the announcement were less than stellar, with most users completely unmoved by the early days of end-to-end encryption on Twitter.

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It comes as Musk claimed users should "trust nothing, not even nothing" in a bizarre tweet which racked up over 300,000 likes.

Trust of mainstream apps and major companies has seen Musk take aim at other messaging add-ons, with WhatsApp hit out at by the tech expert.

Quote-tweeting a claim of WhatsApp running a microphone in the background of someone's phone, Musk tweeted that "WhatsApp cannot be trusted".

The Daily Star previously reported wild claims from Musk, who is still adamant on finding his and humanity's way to Mars in record time, tweeting his dedication to getting a self-sustaining base on the red planet.

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