Mysterious glowing orbs spotted during storm by plane passenger

Two mysterious glowing UFOs have been spotted by a plane passenger hovering in the skies during a lightning storm.

Footage shared to TikTok shows the orbs slowly moving towards each other above Texas in the US.

They then seem to cross paths before eventually disappearing above the storm.

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The clip was first posted by UAP_repository who claimed it was taken some time this year.

It was then picked up by alien enthusiast Tyler, who runs YouTube channel secureteam10.

He claimed reports had suggested it was "not a reflection from inside the aircraft" and described the lights as "dancing above the clouds" before mysteriously disappearing.

Some viewers were sceptical, suggesting what was recorded was actually "ball lightning" – rare weather phenomenon where glowing spherical objects emerge in thunderstorms.

But Tyler discounted this theory, saying: "Ball lightning is extremely elusive and, typically from what I've seen, it occurs as a little flash of an orb that is static in the sky and not moving around like we're seeing here."

And his fans flooded the comments section with their own thoughts.

One wrote: "The "pair of orbs" that appear over Texas are 100% legit."

He claimed to have seen the exact same objects back in 2020.

Another wrote: "The UFO in the clouds looks like a rod or sky fish."

The video comes as the Pentagon continue to investigate countless reports of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) in the skies above the US and abroad.

During a Senate hearing last month, drone footage was released of a spherical UAP soaring over villagers in the Middle East.

It remains unresolved, with investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell telling Daily Star such objects have been "seen for years".

Meanwhile, another unusual object was caught on camera hovering near the flypast for King Charles' Coronation.


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