Ditch your Sky Q box, you could soon get ALL of its features built into your 4K TV

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You could soon ditch the Sky Q box under your telly. That’s if an exciting new rumour that claims Sky is building its own Smart TV with the same features, channels and streaming apps found on the Sky Q box built-in proves to be accurate.

Sources speaking to the Financial Times claim the new Smart TVs will allow Sky to compete with streaming gadgets from the likes of Amazon, Roku and Google. All three of these companies sell popular dongles that plug directly into the HDMI port to bring voice search, video on-demand apps, and more smart features. Amazon, Roku and Google have also partnered with manufacturers to offer Smart TVs with the same functionality baked directly into the hardware. Amazon is also purportedly looking to build its own televisions.

Sky Q + Netflix subscription

Sky now allows you to unlock the biggest channels from Sky Q, including Sky Atlantic, MTV, and Sky Sports News, as well as a Netflix subscription for £25 a month. Given that Netflix alone will cost you £10 a month, this deal for the complete Sky Q kit and hundreds of satellite channels is pretty special. There are also some great deals if you want to add Sky Sports and Sky Cinema too!

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