Bugatti Taps TIDAL For a Set of Premium Speakers Inspired by the 1927 Type 41 Royale

To kickstart a newfound partnership with German premium audio company TIDAL, French hypercar maker Bugatti has unveiled the Royale speakers, inspired by none other than its very own Type 41 Royale from 1927.

Available in either a Monocoque design or a two-part Duotone configuration, there’ll be a whole selection of piano finishes or avant-garde color combinations for you to choose from. Materials choices are also aplenty, ranging from various fabrics and leathers to polished stainless steel, dark aluminum, carbon fiber or even precious metals. Of course, each pair comes with Bugatti’s signature logo stamped on the front.

As for its technical side, the Royale utilizes four subwoofers per side, with a three-way front unit with a midrange driver and a tweeter with diamond diaphragms to round things out.

Available in either an Edition Noir and Edition Blanc, each variation will be limited to just 15 pairs. Those interested can learn more over on Bugatti’s website.

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