Bug in Android alarm causing Google users to oversleep constantly sparking chaos

Have you been oversleeping lately? A new glitch in Google's Clock app is apparently causing people to miss their alarms, making them late for work, school, and even flights.

Android users have been leaving scores of negative one-star reviews for the app in the Google Play Store, claiming that their alarms are not going off.

One user, Alec Van Wagner, said in a review: "This was my favourite alarm app for years. The last two weeks I have been late to school and work because it stopped working. I even set an alarm and sat there and watched for it to go off… all that happened was my phone screen turned on. […] No notification, nothing."

It appears to be a relatively new issue with the clock app that has appeared just in the last few weeks. It is said to affect Android phones of all models – including Samsung, OnePlus, and even Google's own Pixel model of handsets.

A thread on Reddit has seen hundreds of people share their experiences of the problem, as well as try to troubleshoot. Android users are said to have tried clearing their system cache, reinstalling the app, and changing their settings.

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One Reddit user, lancehunter01, said "What the hell Google, can't even fix a damn clock app? I work on graveyard shift and I almost missed my whole shift last Tuesday because of this."

The issue is also said to affect the app's integrations with Spotify, which normally allows people to set alarms using their favourite songs and playlists.

While Google are said to be releasing an update soon to deal with the issue, some Android users are looking elsewhere for their alarm apps.

The Google Play Store has plenty to choose from, or you can use the in-built Calendar app. It could be a better option than missing important appointments all week.

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