BT broadband offers FREE speed boost to millions of customers (yes, really)

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Not sure whether paying extra for a speedier broadband connection will be worth it? BT has the solution. The broadband supplier is now offering fibre customers the chance to trial speed boost at no extra cost – allowing you to test out faster Wi-Fi speeds up to 500 Mbps without committing to a 24-month contract.

During the trial, BT will unlock faster speeds at your home. This means you’ll be able to put the speedier downloads through your own tests – from streaming in Ultra HD, downloading updates to your PC, or making videocalls while other household members are streaming or gaming online… the list goes on. This should give you a real-world impression of whether faster speeds would improve your experience.

After all, it’s possible your woeful Wi-Fi speeds are not related to the speed of the connection coming into your home. There are a number of reasons why your wireless signal might be struggling to reach all of the rooms in your home, including the placement of your router. If you’re running older devices, like a first-generation Amazon Fire TV, it could be that buffering is not solved by a faster internet connection but that it’s simply time to upgrade to a new streaming gadget.

If you decide not to upgrade to a faster broadband package, BT will automatically switch your connection back to the previous package for no extra cost.

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The trial will last for a full month, so you’ll have plenty of time to see what 500 Mbps could do for you. BT says the promotion is available to all new customers who sign-up for the Full Fibre Essential or Full Fibre 1 bundles. These customers will then be bumped up to Full Fibre 100 package, which is roughly five times faster. Meanwhile, Full Fibre 2 and Full Fibre 100 customers will see their packages boosted to Full Fibre 500, saving £20 on the usual cost of opting for that bundle.

For comparison, the average home broadband speed recorded earlier this year was a meagre 71.8Mbps.

To activate the speed boost, customers can simply visit the ‘Broadband: Extras’ tab on the website, and upgrade to a new package of their choosing.

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BT has a number of broadband plans available with prices starting from £27.99 per month. Right now BT is offering free postage and packing and all deals include a landline.

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