Breathtaking video of Earth shot by astronaut aboard SpaceX capsule

Nasa astronaut Victor Glover recently travelled to the International Space Station (ISS) about the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule.

And on his way up, he captured some breathtaking footage of Earth from his unique vantage point.

The clip has been watched millions of times on social media and features Victor telling us that the video doesn’t even do it justice.

Glover is the first black astronaut expected to have a six-month stay aboard the ISS, where he’ll get plenty of opportunities to admire the planet from 250 miles above the surface.

‘Looking at the Earth through the window of Dragon Resilience,’ he wrote on Twitter.

‘The scale of detail and sensory inputs made this a breathtaking perspective!’

And while that means Nasa gets to put its funding towards more ambitious targets like Mars, the benefit for us space fans will hopefully be more videos peering out of the Crew Dragon’s sizeable windows back down at Earth.

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