Boss who sacked staff on Zoom fires 3000 more people without telling them first

A company that brutally fired 900 employees over a video call before Christmas has struck again, this time by giving 3000 people the sack without telling them.

According to TechCrunch, workers at mortgage company 'Better' found out that they were being let go after receiving a redundancy payment through their payroll apps—without being informed first.

A round of redundancies were supposed to be announced today on March 9, but one employee reportedly said that the company "accidentally rolled out the severance payslips too early."

Apparently, top execs at the mortgage company deleted the payments from some peoples' payroll accounts. The payments had arrived without any additional communication from the company.

The anonymous employee reportedly told TechCrunch: "Better Layoffs have started. Severance showing in our Workday app (which is payroll) as of 12 AM respective time zones. No email, no call, nothing. This was handled disgustingly."

They added: “Leadership remained absolutely silent, never acknowledged anything in regards to layoffs. They still haven’t.”

Around 3000 workers of the company's entire 8000-strong workforce are set to be let go, or almost half of the company.

A spokesperson confirmed the figure on March 8 and shared a statement from the CFO Kevin Ryan about the payroll 'blip'.

He said "we must take the difficult step of streamlining our operations further and reducing our workforce in both the U.S. and India in a substantial way.” also told The Verge that a "small number" of employees were notified in this way and that it will be having "one-to-one calls" with those affected.

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The Better CEO Vishal Garg faced widespread public backlash in December after firing 900 employees just before Christmas.

After inviting all 900 of them to a call without telling them why, Garg said:

“I come to you with not great news.

“The market has changed, as you know, and we have to move with it in order to survive.

“If you’re on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off. Your employment here is terminated effective immediately.”

He then accused 250 of the workers of "stealing", before publicly apologising.

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