Apple Watch Prototype for Testing Comes Disguised as iPod Nano

Apple Demo has just shared the type of packaging and concealment when it comes to shipping out the upcoming Apple Watch for testing. Currently headed on its 6th generation, the Apple Watch was shipped to Apple Demo in a full silicone sleeve that is reminiscent of the discontinued iPod Nano.

When in its disguise, the Apple Watch looks like the stubby 3rd-gen iPod Nano but also links back to the 6th-gen Nano’s square-shaped design when removed — funny enough, many users used to put their 6th-gen Nano on a wrist strap to be worn as a watch. The extra layer of material acts much like how testing cars are wrapped in camouflage and padding to prevent would-be leakers from targeting the new product before the official news release — something that usually just brings more attention to the object.

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