Already a BT broadband customer? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the Black Friday sales

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If you’re only halfway through your current broadband contract, Black Friday can be a lonely time. The majority of the UK’s biggest internet suppliers unleash their biggest broadband savings of the year – with huge discounts available to those who sign-up for a new deal. Of course, if you’ve still got months to go before you’re allowed to renegotiate your contract or able to switch to a different provider, it can be frustrating looking at faster speeds than you’re currently able to use – at smaller prices than your current Direct Debit. Thankfully, BT has tried to solve that irritation for its customers.

BT launches Black Friday deals for existing customers

If you’re not quite at the end of your contract, but still want to take advantage of the Black Friday sale – BT has got you covered. The company is offering discounts on its speedier broadband plans for existing customers who want faster downloads.

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