AI technology that can write poetry will ‘kill off’ Google search, expert says

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    Within a couple of years AI chatbots will do to Google what the internet did to the Yellow Pages phone book, according to the inventor of Gmail.

    Paul Buchheit says that the “conversational” chatbot ChatGPT, which was unveiled last week, will bring about the death of the search engine’s monopoly and cause “total disruption” for Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company.

    The bot can already compose essays, dream up stories, draft marketing pitches, write scripts, computer code and even poetry.

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    The revolutionary tech is said to be capable of giving homeowners intelligent advice on interior decorating, and when prompted came up with a respectable-looking Daily Star story in a matter of seconds.

    The chatbot took almost twice as long to decide whether cats care about humans.

    Paul says that: “Google may be only a year or two away from total disruption. AI will eliminate the search engine page, which is where they make their money.

    “Even if they catch up on AI, they can’t fully deploy it without destroying the most valuable part of their business.

    “One thing that few people remember is the pre-internet business that Google killed – the Yellow Pages.

    “AI will do the same to web search.”

    Google is aware of the threat and is developing conversational and voice search, and has bought up AI company DeepMind to develop the technology.

    David Friedberg, a former Google executive, said: “I do think that the biggest and most interesting thing to think about is how this will disrupt the search box.

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    “Is there a new interface for search? Yes, that risks Google’s core business.”

    Responding to fears that it could be a potential Google-killer, ChatGPT said: “It is unlikely it will completely replace Google.”

    Asked by the Daily Star if AI would eventually make all human workers redundant, the chatbot refused to reply.


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