15-year-old iPhone sold for nearly £35,000 – even without a selfie camera

If you're someone who held onto your old iPhone, you could be sitting on a fortune.

A first-generation iPhone from 2007 has just sold in its original packaging for $39,000 (£35k) at an auction house in Los Angeles, California.

The unopened Apple smartphone went for 75 times its original value of £381, meaning the seller made a huge profit on the ancient smartphone.

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It sold for so much money that the seller has enough to buy 39 iPhone 14 Pros, the current top-of-the-range model which only released this September.

According to the auction house, LCG Auctions, the original iPhone was brand new and 'never activated', with the factory seal on its packaging intact.

The smartphone apparently still has all the obsolete features of a first-gen iPhone including an iPod app and no selfie camera.

The iPhone revolutionised smartphones and promised a 3.5-inch screen, web browser, and 2-megapixel camera. It had 2G connectivity and neither Instagram or TikTok existed.

Old retro Apple tech can fetch a great price online, with original iPod Classics going for tens of thousands of pounds.

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Meanwhile, the first Macintosh computer can fetch up to £4400 on eBay and the ancient Apple-1 PC has gone for as much as £660,000.

Other lucrative retro gadgets include:

  • HP calculator watches (1977) – worth up to £2,895
  • Boomboxes (1966) – £1,300
  • Sony TPS-L2 Walkman (1979) – £1,000
  • Polaroid camera (1984) – £723

You can even make as much as £5000 selling your old Nintendo 64 or Walkman online.

Keeping your gadgets in good condition and hanging onto the original packaging can make them worth much more over the years, with collectors willing to pay thousands for mint condition tech.


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