Watch Muay Thai fighter ‘do a Mike Tyson’ and BITE opponent resulting in disqualification

MUAY THAI fighter Mouhman Amine Alharar channelled his inner Mike Tyson in his latest fight by BITING his opponent.

Alharar locked horns with Mohammed Mardi -a member of the UAE's national Muay Thai team – last Friday at UAM Muay Thai Night 6 in Abu Dhabi.

Mardi dominated the fight with slick footwork, which allowed him to find a home for some heavy shots.

Alharar grew frustrated with how the fight was playing out and did the unthinkable after eating a huge elbow in the third round.

After Mardi initiated a clinch, Alharar – whose moniker is 'King Cobra' – sunk his teeth into his opponent's neck.

The referee saw the foul and immediately called a halt to the contest, promptly disqualifying Alharar for his barbaric act.

Fight fans were left stunned by Alharar's actions, with one saying: "After the Hellbow survival instincts kicked in."

Another said: "The Muay Thai vampire."


And another said: "What a jacka*s. Wait until the ref can’t see it. THEN bite him. Idiot."

One remarked: "Biting should be illegal."

Despite having his neck bitten, Mardi was in a relatively calm mood after the fight.

And to the surprise of many, he hugged his opponent after the official verdict was announced.

Alharar's bite of Mardi mirrored Tyson's infamous gnashing of Evander Holyfield's ears in their 1997 rematch.

Frustrated by his inability to hurt or put The Real Deal on the back foot, Iron Mike bit the former undisputed cruiserweight champion twice.

The Baddest Man on the Planet took a chunk out of Holyfield's right ear at the second time of asking, which led to his immediate disqualification.

A mass brawl ensued, which prompted intervention from security and the Las Vegas Police Department.

Tyson was banned from boxing indefinitely and slapped with a whopping £2.1million ($3m) fine.

Alharar won't receive anywhere near the same financial punishment, although it's likely he won't be invited to compete at UAM anytime soon.

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