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The 2018 NFL season is already over for these 12 teams

It’s still early in the 2018 season. Really early, in fact. The 2017 Browns – you know, the team that didn’t win a game – weren’t eliminated from playoff contention until Week 12 of the NFL season. So, technically, every NFL team still has hope. But we know the truth. For many teams, any playoff hopes have already been dashed. Let’s take a look at those teams…

1. Denver Broncos

If the Broncos played all of their games in Denver, they’d have an outside shot at making the playoffs. Unfortunately, they don’t. More unfortunately, they’ve already played four home games and are still sitting at 2-4. That means they’ll have to sweep the rest of their home schedule and play .500 ball on the road just to make it to 9-7. That’s not happening. Not with the way Case Keenum is playing. Good thing he’s making only $18 million.

2. Oakland Raiders

We knew the defense was going to be bad. Even with Khalil Mack, it was among the worst in the league. Now it’s worse. And while the offense is racking up yards, it can’t score any points, which probably has something to do with the Raiders’ highly-paid quarterback. Derek Carr appears to be broken. He refuses to throw the ball more than 10-yards downfield, and may or may not have been crying during the Seahawks loss in London.

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