The 10 Highest-Paid UFC Fighters In The World

UFC is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, with this being the elite company when it comes to mixed martial arts, creating some iconic fights with the biggest and best fighters in the world competing.

The box office numbers for UFC events are always incredibly high, and because of that Dana White is able to pay his fighters incredibly high wages, fight bonuses and other extras.

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Even names at the bottom of the card can end up getting strong wages, but it is the main event stars and champions earning the big bucks, and within this article, we will look at the 10 highest-paid UFC fighters in the world.

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10 Dan Henderson

We kick start the list with Dan Henderson, who was able to make $4.4 million in disclosed pay alone during his UFC career, which doesn’t take into consideration sponsorship and match bonuses that he will have certainly earned plenty from.

However, seeing Henderson earn that much money shouldn’t come as a massive surprise, as he was one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time with unbelievable knockout power, although he was never able to capture a title for UFC.

Henderson is so highly respected and loved by UFC as a company that they gave him the honor of a Hall of Fame induction, cementing his legacy forever.

9 Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans may now be a retired UFC fighter, but he has still maintained a role with the company working on the commentary booth, and he has gone down as one of the all-time greats, hence why the company put him into the Hall of Fame.

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The company clearly rate Rashad incredibly highly, keeping him around as much as possible and giving him the Hall of Fame induction, showing the respect that they had for his work.

This is why he was able to earn $4.6 million in disclosed pay alone, as one of UFC’s top stars, it is no surprise that he was able to earn plenty of cash along the way.

8 Jon Jones

Jon Jones is quite a controversial figure in the world of MMA, having had multiple failed drug tests to his name as well as some legal troubles, he wasn’t always the easiest to promote for UFC.

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However, when he was cleared and fine to compete, the MMA fighter was ruthless in the cage and having had over 20 fights for the company, he has more than earned his place as one of UFC’s top stars.

This is why Jones has been able to earn $5.1 million from a disclosed salary that has been made public, without considering the sponsorship and bonuses he will have certainly made as well.

7 Brock Lesnar

The Beast, Brock Lesnar took the MMA world by storm when he decided to give it a try, leaving professional wrestling behind him, as he dominated the heavyweight division, becoming one of UFC’s greatest ever box office draws in the process.

Lesnar is one of the smartest sports businessmen of all time, playing WWE and UFC against each other to earn as much money as possible from both, which is why he was able to earn $5.1 million from his disclosed wages alone.

However, now Lesnar has opted to retire from MMA in order to focus on his WWE career where he remains one of the highest-paid people on the roster, despite working an incredibly limited schedule.

6 Vitor Belfort

The Brazilian fighter is another one of the highest-paid UFC fighters in the world, earning just over $5.1 million from his disclosed salaries alone, without adding on any sponsorship deals he was able to earn.

With all those additional extras, there is no doubt that Vitor Belfort was able to make a fantastic living from his MMA career, which isn’t surprising for someone who dominated the sport so well.

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As a massive legend for UFC, Vitor Belfort is someone who will go down in history as one of the all-time greats to step inside the cage, having competed for the company on 26 different occasions.

5 Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem has actually competed in quite a few different MMA organizations, but he is probably best known for his time in the UFC, with his fights against Brock Lesnar doing incredible business for the company.

Overeem had 16 fights in his UFC career, but overall in the MMA world he has fought over 60 times, winning 45 of them, which is an incredible record to have as a fighter in what is a very difficult sport to dominate.

During his UFC career, Overeem earned $6.1 million from disclosed salaries, which obviously doesn’t include any win bonuses or sponsorships.

4 Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is someone who is considered to be one of the greatest UFC fighters in history, with Silva having the record for the most title defenses in the history of the company.

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Because of his fantastic career inside the octagon, with his impressive victories standing up amongst the very best of the company, it makes sense that he would earn $6.8 million in disclosed pay so far in his career.

That isn’t with added earnings, of which he has plenty, which is why Silva is one of the richest MMA stars in the history of the sport.

3 Georges St-Pierre

An argument can certainly be made that Georges St-Pierre is the greatest UFC star of all time, having been part of many incredible and memorable fights that are constantly talked about amongst the greats.

His legendary career has certainly been rewarded in terms of his disclosed UFC salary for his fights, with GSP making $7 million for his fights in UFC, having a career that will never be forgotten.

With 22 fights to his name,  every time GSP is on a card, the MMA world takes notice and wants to see what he will do, being a major draw for the company, which is why he deserves such a high pay.

2 Michael Bisping

When it comes to disclosed UFC salaries, Michael Bisping finds himself in a podium position, having earned a minimum of $7.1 million from disclosed salaries alone during his UFC career.

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Even though Bisping didn’t have the most memorable MMA career in comparison to others on this list, he certainly got the world talking when he won the Middleweight Title against Luke Rockhold.

Bisping has 29 fights to his name in the company, and that loyalty and consistency has clearly been rewarded by the company with his high salary per fight.

1 Conor McGregor

The Irishman is one of the most recognizable names in MMA history, and while he is quite a polarizing figure, with many people hating him, and a vast majority of others loving him at the same time.

He has only actually had 11 fights in the UFC, and he has reportedly earned at least $9.5 million from his fights via disclosed salaries alone, although that isn’t taking into account the bonuses and sponsorship deals he has.

McGregor has made incredible sums of money from sponsors and his new whiskey company, not to mention the estimated $75 million he made from his decision to get into the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather.

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