Stunning UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste announces pregnancy with topless photo on Instagram and shows off her baby bump

BEAUTIFUL UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste has announced she is pregnant as she revealed her baby bump with a topless photo.

The hugely-popular 34-year-old and her boyfriend Taylor King are expecting their new arrival on September 28.

Sharing an image of her holding her bump and covering her breasts on a beach to her 3.3 million followers, MMA fan fave Celeste broke the news via her Instagram account.

She wrote: “I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life! I promise to teach you about the beauty of the world and to love with no restrictions or division. In turn, you have already taught me so much about kindness, empathy, and most of all faith.

“Through all of this chaos, you have helped me to remain strong and grounded. You are already loved soooooo much!! I can’t wait to meet you my baby! Love, Mommy.”

The Las Vegas native, who has not yet discovered the sex of her baby, found out she was pregnant in January.

Speaking to US Weekly, Celeste said: “My mom for some reason asked me to take a pregnancy test.

“[Moms] always seem to know. I went to the store and got two tests and sure enough, I was pregnant. I couldn’t wait, so I called my boyfriend immediately even though he was working at the time.”

Luckily for her she has not had to suffer with morning sickness – but her cravings are starting to kick in.

Celeste added: “Thankfully, I wasn’t too sick or nauseous.

“I crave fruit and meat. I’m not usually a meat eater and I stick to a mostly vegan diet, but during pregnancy I’ve given in to occasionally eating things like In-N-Out or pizza.”

Celeste has posed for a number of magazines in the past, including Playboy.

The fitness model – real name Penelope Lopez Marquez – previously presented the reality TV car restoration show Overhaulin', before it was cancelled in 2015 and UFC Ultimate Insider alongside commentator Joe Rogan.

She also has a degree in fitness management and nutrition.

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