Sergio Ramos boasts an amazing array of tattoos, from symbolic numbers on his knuckles to the Champions League trophy

TATS all folks for Sergio Ramos at the Bernabeu.

The Spain legend, 35, broke down in tears at a press conference as he announced a farewell to Real Madrid.

"I would have liked to have said goodbye at the Bernabeu," he emotionally revealed.

"You are never really prepared for this day, it's the most difficult of my career."

The news has reportedly alerted Manchester United and PSG to Ramos' availability.

With the next chapter in his career to begin, expect the defender to mark the occasion with a new tattoo.

Over the years, Ramos has collected as many tattoos as he has trophies. Here's a selection of his most prominent and what they mean.


Found on the knuckles of Ramos' left-hand are a set of numbers that are dear to the tough-man's heart.

Etched on there are 35, +90, 32, 19, all with their own separate meanings.

The +90 signifies his injury-time goal in the 2014 Champions League final against Atletico Madrid.

The rest are squad numbers he has worn through the years.

And the rose above that features the No4. The date 14.11.2015 is a nod to the birth date of his son, Marco.


Of course, being a four-time Champions League winner, Ramos was always going to mark the occasion.

On his left calf to commemorate winning the trophy Real Madrid – he has a reminder inked on his leg.

Below the card of the king are the following cities where he's been victorious and they read: LISBON 2014, MILANO 2016, CARDIFF 2017, KIEV 2018.

Incidentally, on the back of his right calf is the World Cup, which he won in 2010.


On the outside of his left-hand he has the name 'Paqui' scribbled on there.

That's the name of his mother, and is the ultimate dedication to the woman that raised him.

On the other hand he has 'Rubio' – a surname for wife Pilar Rubio and his father's nickname.


On the back of Ramos' neck he has a tattoo of a heart being stabbed by a dagger with wings.

Below that is the quote: "A Lion Never Loses Over The Opinion Of The Sheep".

It's a reference to his playing style, as well his aggressive edge that has meant Ramos has had his critics over the years.


In the middle of his back Ramos has a dream catcher with his initials in the middle of it and a crown over them.

And there's a quote with it too. "Only Those Who Went Hungry With Me And Stood By Me Will Eat At My Table," it reads.

A dream catcher is used as a talisman to protect you from bad dreams or luck.


Ramos boasts several crucifix tattoos on his torso.

All are symbolic of his religious faith – he is a devout Catholic and that shows with his tattoo choices.

"I consider myself to be a believer, and I come from a Christian family, one that always had that belief," he once said.

"And at the end of the day, it’s about where you’re brought up and the way you take on all that’s around you, so I consider myself religious."


Many people would say their favourite animal is a dog, cat or even a bird.

Not Sergio Ramos, though. His is the wolf – because of its fierce nature and courage.

Behind his left ear is a Chinese symbol – and it translates as 'Wolf'.


Incredibly, Sergio is a fan of the Lord of the Rings films/books.

On the inner side of his left forearm he has 'JM VII P' tattooed. The VII which is number seven is what Ramos considers his lucky number. JM stands for Jose Marie while P is Paqui for his parents.

There's also a white dove thrown on there with the meaning of peace.

But quite brilliantly, written in Elvish like in the Lord of the Rings, he has etched 'I Will Never Forget You'.


On his left forearm are tattoos of a woman and a young girl.

Beside the face, is a line inked vertically which reads, 'Amor a mi Familia' – that translates to 'Love to my family'.

The faces are of his mother, Paqui and sister, Miriam.


Ramos' left bicep features the quote 'In  The Memory Of The Ones Alive' with the number three and XI inked next to the words.

It's another tattoo that symbolises family for the World Cup winner.

His sister’s birthday is on the 3rd and his brother’s is the 11th… hopefully he remembers the months.


It's Ramos' back that certainly has the biggest collection of inkings.

On the left of his lower back there's a tattoo of a heart with a flame over it being pierced by 8 daggers, which refers to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The right side contains a tattoo of Jesus Christ praying while holding rosemary beads with a crucifix and stars as pendants.

Both of those represent his religious views.

'MIRIAN 4 RENE' is his sister, his number and his brother's name.

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