New Nike Phantom Venom boots revealed with inspiration from iconic Total 90s from 2002 – The Sun

NIKE' has released its latest Phantom Venom football boots – after being inspired by the classic Total 90s from the 2002 World Cup.

The new limited edition release borrows the black, white and red colour pattern of the 2002 Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II as worn by international legends Luis Figo and Roberto Carlos.

These boots succeeded the Nike Air Zoom Total 90 and were a statement style for the American sportswear giant.

Wayne Rooney wore Total 90s in the Premier League after their release and even returned to a retro pair a couple of years ago while playing for Everton.

Former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, Manchester United legend Paul Scholes and former Holland star Wesley Sneijder all wore boots from the Total 90 range.

Rooney could well lace up the Phantom Venom boots for new side Derby County when they are released in late spring or early summer this year.

However, the special edition look will not come cheap for football fans as they will have to stump up £190 to get their hands on a pair, according to Footy Headlines.

That doesn't seem to have put many off with fans taking to Twitter to express their delight at the announcement.

@J_Kelty17 tweeted: "I just seen them holy moly im in love."

Supporters reminisced about the iconic old boots with @1anReid tweeting: "Absolute beauties. Looking forward to seeing the other colours. Old T90s and predators we were spoilt rotten in teenage years."

Nike often revisit and take inspiration from old design successes to help create their latest boots.

It is not the first time a boot from the iconic Total 90 range has been re-released for the current generation.

In March 2019 the firm brought out the Total 90 Laser limited edition remake to the universal joy of fans.

The boots were almost identical to the 2007 Laser I originals and showed the appetite for the return of more of Nike's back catalogue.

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