Hidden angle to Giants’ Eli Manning-Daniel Jones madness

This sounded … wistful.

As Pat Shurmur mulls benching Eli Manning in favor of rookie Daniel Jones, the mobility the rookie brings to the field compared with the mobility Manning will no doubt be factored into the decision.

Shurmur sounded impressed and almost as if he covets what Josh Allen can do for the Bills. The first Buffalo touchdown in a 28-14 victory Sunday came when Allen got his 6-foot-5, 237-pound body moving on a designed quarterback run and sprinted around the right side from the Giants’ 6-yard line into the end zone.

“That was a good play,’’ Shurmur said Monday. “Well designed and he did a nice job. They blocked it well — it’s typical of the play they were running with the running back, the G-sweep — they carved us out and got in.’’

It is the “run’’ part of the run-pass option the Giants never include in the playbook with Manning as their starter for 16 years. It is a part of so many offenses around the NFL, but not with a pocket passer in the Eli Manning mold.

“There are other teams — there’s a lot of teams that don’t run quarterback-structured runs,’’ Shurmur said. “We could sit here and make a list of the ones that don’t. I think when you do that, and you have a quarterback that can do those things, I think that’s smart, I think that’s utilizing the talents of the player that you’re working with.’’

The Giants after taking Jones with the No. 6 pick in the draft praised his athletic ability and in the ensuing months stressed his footwork and speed as assets that can be cultivated, whenever Jones is summoned to replace Manning.

“He has a much better skill set to do those types of things than say Eli,’’ Shurmur said. “Yes, that’s fair.’’

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