Evra threatens to hit ex-team-mate Rothen as Man Utd celebration row escalates

Ex-United star Evra had left Rothen fuming at the way he and Paul Pogba lapped up the side's stunning win over Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday night.

Evra posted footage of himself and Pogba wildy embracing the stoppage time win in the Parc Des Princes.

That angered his old Monaco and France team-mate Rothen, who accused Evra of showing a complete lack of respect.

EX-PSG winger Rothen said: "Patrice Evra, who allows himself to make a video like that in the ground, the presidential box at PSG, in front of the Paris supporters, the shareholders of PSG … But you respect who?

"Let him celebrate, OK. Let me know that he has marked the history of the club, OK. But respect!

"Whether he makes his videos outside or in the locker room, let him be happy, OK. We agree that he created history with Manchester United and not that of PSG.

"But it's a question of respect, of education.

"Frankly Patrice, you're my friend, but do not do that!"

But Evra, 37, has taken issue with Rothen and told him in a video on Instagram that he would hit him the next time he saw him.

Evra said: "As soon as I cross you I'm going to give you a good slap in the face

"And you know I'm not speaking for nothing."

The ex-United full-back has a history of posting videos on his social media pages, but usually they are of him laughing and joking around.

But he kept a serious face and tone throughout his message to Rothen, not even giving any hint that he was messing around.

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