Conor McGregor flanked by massive security team after being mobbed by fans in Rome as he and Dee Devlin hit the shops

UFC superstar Conor McGregor was flanked by four huge security guards as he took a leisurely stroll in Rome with his fiancee.

The Notorious and his family jetted to the Eternal City from Miami on Wednesday, bringing to an end their prolonged Stateside stay.

And the McGregors have wasted no time in taking in the famous city's sights – which he and fiancee Dee Devlin, 34, were accompanied to by four burly security guards.

The UFC's poster boy shared a video of himself and Devlin being mobbed by members of the public, who were desperate to try and get a photo with the superstar.

But McGregor's security guards did a good job of keeping them at bay.

The Irishman wrote: "It’s great to see Italy, and especially Rome, on its feet strong and vibrant and energetic and Italian silk on the skin, is it butter, no it’s McGregor and the Italians. Italia."

McGregor and his partner were spotted shopping in a high end boutique store during the outing.

It came soon after they touched down after the McGregor family, including their children Conor Jr and Croia, arrived on a private jet.


McGregor, 33, is still recovering from the broken leg he suffered in his UFC 264 trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier.

The Dubliner is remarkably already back on his feet and has even resumed weight training.

And his manager recently revealed to SunSport he's 'ahead' of the initial schedule for his recovery.

Paradigm Sports Management chief Audie Attar told SunSport: "He's ahead of schedule.

"We not only just got our x-ray results [back], [we got] our ultrasound results and CT scan results.

"And when I look at the view of the x-ray myself, it's healing so beautifully.

"He's only 10-and-a-half weeks out of surgery and he's walking.

"And he's actually doing s**t that we don't want him to do like throwing the first pitch at the Cubs game."

It’s great to see Italy, and especially Rome, on its feet strong and vibrant and energetic

He added: "All fun aside, he's just in a good state. He's in a good state.

"The one thing I try tell Conor is, 'You've already earned your legacy already.

"You don't have to prove anything to anybody.'

"'Financially, you never have to ever fight again in your life. Because we've built amazing businesses.'

"He's an entrepreneur and we continue to not only set precedent but set the way forward for all athletes. Not just MMA athletes, but all athletes.

"He's so competitive, man. He's like, 'I'm not thinking about the UFC.

"'Whatever. I'm not thinking about fighting. But I'm gonna get back there.'

"So if the first pitch is any indication of what may happen, God willing the healing process continues on a straight path, he's gonna come out there and want to continue to compete.

"Because he wants to leave on his own terms. Not on the terms that he's been dealt in his last fight."


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