WW3 fears as top Russian diplomat in China pledges to ‘overcome’ America

A top Russian diplomat in China has vowed to fight side by side with the country to “overcome” a world led by the United States.

The controversial move has sparked further fears of dangerous challenges to Western democracy that could spark World War Three.

Mad Vladimir Putin’s ambassador Igor Morgulov told the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that both their countries should work together to challenge the West.

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“Russia-China ties cannot be broken, and the friendship between the two countries can overcome any challenge,” he claimed. While Yi ignored the bloody invasion of Ukraine to vow that top Chinese officials would work to continue to develop Russia.

He added: “China and Russia, as two major neighbours, will continue to promote strategic trust and pragmatic cooperation, deepen the two countries’ comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and safeguard international justice together.”

But the closeness between the two dictatorships, led by Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, has worried the United States and its allies.

Countries in the West have frequently accused them both of ignoring international laws and showing military aggression.

It comes after stark warnings from experts that Russia and China were willing to push more boundaries than the world’s Western leaders when it comes to weapons, leading to worries of mass destruction should the two superpowers clash with NATO.

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Military drone expert Professor Peter Lee told the Daily Star: “The thing that will be politically controversial, at least in the UK and the West, is what level of autonomy do you give the weapons systems to select its own targets without a human authorising?

“The UK for example would be on the more constrained side because of its international legal commitments, I'm confident of that.

“Russia, I am less confident of. China, I’m less confident. So those are some of the big challenges."

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