Woman’s 23-year crisp sandwich diet ends after hypnotherapy helps her eat meals

A crisp fan who only ate sandwiches filled with the cheese and onion flavoured crunchy snack for 23 years has finally eaten a proper meal thanks to hypnotherapy.

Zoe Sadler, 25, was obsessed with slapping Walkers crisps on buttered white bread, and had been doing so since she was a toddler until a health scare prompted a change.

She ate more than two packs per day for two decades and claims that other foods left her feeling “physically sick”.

The Coventry native said: “My mum and dad say I tried other foods as a toddler but I always turned my nose up or refused to put them in my mouth.

“Apparently the only thing mum could get down me were crisps which I used to suck until they were soft.

“I remember being at school when I was little and having crisp sandwiches in my lunch box. They were the only thing I liked to eat.

"I usually had a bowl of dry cereal for breakfast and then a crisp sandwich for lunch and another one for dinner. Sometimes I'd try other flavour crisps because the texture wouldn't bother me.

"Christmas was always hard for me because I'd never want very much to eat. I'd be able to have a Yorkshire pudding but never with gravy.”

Zoe developed Multiple Sclerosis three years ago, which prompted her to improve her health and turned to hypnotherapist David Kilmurry for help.

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After undergoing two two-hour hypnotherapy sessions, Zoe has been able to enjoy her first taste of fruits and vegetables alongside other foods.

She said: "I can't believe how nice strawberries are and I even tried a Wagamama chilli squid which was really spicy.

"I'm looking forward to trying curry and lots of other different foods.”

Zoe was also motivated to overcome her obsession with crisp sandwiches in time to enjoy a hearty meal at her wedding next March.

She added: "I really don't just want to be eating crisp sandwiches on my wedding day. Now I'm looking forward to planning our wedding day menu with Jason."

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