Woman tells co-workers she ‘sh*t herself’ in cringe Whatsapp group chat blunder

It can be quite embarrassing to send a dodgy typo to one person – but to do it in a group chat of your colleagues is the next level, especially when it makes it seem like you've soiled yourself.

The latest victim to predictive texting was haematologist and author Eileen Merriman, who shared her hilarious blunder to Twitter after accidentally telling her colleagues that she defecated in one of their offices.

The Whatsapp message read: "I'm good – Covid PCR neg and not much so at work.

"Have sh*t myself in your office Anna (hope that's okay). So if you want to use the office Henry then all good."

In the post with over 58k likes and 2k retweets, Eileen said: "Wee typo in message to colleagues today"

While it was pretty clear from the context of the message that she meant she had shut herself in the office away from others due to exhibiting flu symptoms – Twitter users ran with it flooding the comments with hysterical quips.

One user tweeted: "I doubt Henry used the office, although I don’t know him and this might be his sort of thing. I don’t like to judge…"

Another added: "Oh that's a good one made better by a well coinciding name, Henry is sometimes used as a name for a poop."

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A third wrote: "I used a megaphone at school once to tell the students to go and sh*t in the sade."

A fourth commented: "LMAO reminds me of the time that someone in my work’s chat started a new chat conversation called “will trade sh*ts on Monday” while looking for someone to trade shifts with."

A fifth wrote: "It's amazing on its own, but the (hope that's okay) is just the cherry on top."

Have you had ever sent an embarrassing text to a colleague? Let us know in the comments below!

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