Coach driver leaves passengers stunned revealing the secret compartment where staff sleep

MANY people have braved nipping to a coach toilet, but did you know there is also a secret bedroom for drivers too?

A coach driver uploaded a video showing the mystery compartment – and viewers are amazed.

Joseph Annetts shared the clip with the caption: “Got to wait for passengers for 5 hours!! Sightseeing then Nap time!

“If a driver is missing, they’re in the hidden bedroom.”

He walked towards the back of the coach and turned down the steps that lead to the toilet.

But instead of going inside, he turned the other way and showed a hatch that could be lifted up.

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Inside was a bed with a pillow and duvet, which looked like a snug retreat for any driver with a long stopover.

People were quick to take to the comments on his @josephannetts account, after the video racked up over a million views.

One person said: “wait that's cool.”

Another added: “no way.”

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Some viewers pointed out how close it is to the toilet, and Joseph replied: “No smell at all! just keep the toilet clean! otherwise it could give an occasional waft.”

A third joked: “Planes have the mile high club, coaches have the 1 metre club.”

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